Reoccurring gatherings

The below events happen monthly or seasonally in our space. Please scroll down to the “Upcoming events” page for registration to each unique event in the series.



Each month under the full moon, we gather a small group of artists & crafters together to sit in a circle and explore open conversation about their artwork, the things they are working on and the goals they have set for themselves this month.

Each month will be a little different — being hosted by a different person, and highlighting different aspects of their personal craft or practice. These events may include: guided meditations, crafting events, tarot readings, astrology study, vision boarding, or just friendly conversation about goals. While each host will bring their own flare to their specific event, we always intend to highlight each participant’s personal goals for the month as an important aspect of each monthly sitting.

Our full moon circles are capped at eight artists. We open registration for each month’s session shortly after the previous month’s event.

Please come with an open heart and an open mind. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Listen and be compassionate to others.

Bring a pen and notebook if you’re the type who likes to write your goals down.



CRAFT is a series of events and gatherings centered around the powerful act of making! We host CRAFT nights, as well as CRAFT Pop-up events here in our space. These events take place on the first Friday of every month, as a part of Missoula’s First Friday art scene.

CRAFT Night, is a fun, casual, and lighthearted event celebrating our human desire to connect with others while we work on our personal craft. On this evening we usually serve tea, drinks, and snacks — inviting other artists, makers, crafters, and dabblers into our space to get comfy and make it their own!

Use our counters and tables to get all of your art supplies out and create something beautiful! We do not supply materials, just the space and a warm welcoming environment to work in. CRAFT Night is typically limited to around 10 people so that everyone can have enough space to work. Please bring a project and come hang out for a couple hours!

CRAFT Pop-ups welcome local vendors to join forces and create a community pop-up event for the public to shop, browse, and enjoy each vendor’s work. We host our pop-ups seasonally; hosting our summer events in the alley next to our studio, and the winter events inside of our space.


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Past Events

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