Open yourself to magical experiences. Embrace the present moment. Allow yourself to grow. Connect with nature.

Witch of the Woods Tattoo is a private tattoo studio based in Missoula, Montana.
We operate by appointment only.




Our artists are interested in the place where spirituality and art touch. We each have our own unique way of working with our clients toward this goal. For our friends and community, we also host monthly full moon events focusing around art, craft, and community building.



Tattoos allow us to connect to each other, ourselves, and the world around us. Take a chance and shift into the next version of yourself. All of our tattoos are designed with your goals and intention in mind.



Our artists spend much of their free time developing their creative side and love to see their hard work travel to new homes! Shop from our personal collections, as well as our personally curated selection of products.

 For more tattoo samples, please visit each individual artists’ profile page.
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